Divorce Lawyer Westerville Ohio

Divorce Lawyer Westerville Ohio

In our practice, we've seen or heard female clients in Westerville seeking a male attorney when it's time to divorce. These female clients often feel that having a male divorce lawyer will make them appear more sympathetic, especially regarding child custody and parenting time issues. Typically, if you're a woman and have a male divorce attorney, it doesn't have much of a difference. 

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we have both male and female divorce lawyers on our team in Westerville who will guide you through the divorce process, help you understand your rights, and advise you on how to deal with any legal issues. 

Is A Male Divorce Lawyer The Best For Women?

People often consider whether a man is more suited to represent a female in a dissolution proceeding. If you are a woman and feel comfortable talking to a man, you should consider getting a male divorce lawyer to help you with your case, but it should not be the determining factor. Many clients who have worked with a male divorce lawyer in Ohio state that it was advantageous. They cited several reasons:

  • Male know the law better: The legal industry is challenging for most women, with lots of social and professional pressure on them. They are unfairly pressured and continually tested regarding their knowledge and capabilities in the legal industry. As a result, only a few women remain in the profession who could challenge their male counterparts.  Male attorneys are experienced in handling divorce cases, such as custody or property distribution if there are valuable assets.
  • Male understand women: Many marriages end in divorce because some men and women don't communicate well. Male divorce lawyers can help their female clients by explaining what their soon-to-be-ex are will be thinking about them and what they can do to increase the chance of getting a fair settlement. 
  • Male are listeners: Most female divorce lawyers go through the motions of filing paperwork and do not take the time to get to know their clients and the issues they're facing. Male lawyers will take their time to listen to their clients and hear what they have to say. Pick up some vital pieces of information that could help the case.

Gender Doesn't Matter In Divorce Lawyers

Having a divorce attorney of specific gender will make very little difference in your case. In a divorce case, the personality and experience of the divorce attorney are more crucial during negotiations and court proceedings, not their gender. Adopting a calm approach to resolving a volatile divorce situation is often the best strategy for any case.

Need A Divorce Lawyer In Westerville, Ohio? Contact Woodford Sathappan McGee

If you are planning to file for a divorce in Westerville, Ohio, Woodford Sathappan McGee got you covered. We can help you obtain an appropriate outcome for your divorce case so that you can plan for a happier future for yourself and your children. Contact us today at  380-204-9043 to schedule a free consultation.

Divorce Lawyer Westerville Ohio
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Divorce Lawyer Westerville Ohio
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