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Calgary Divorce Solutions

We are all familiar with the current rate of divorce around the world. Typically, couples no longer subscribe to the idea of sticking in a marriage that only causes more harm than good. In many cases, the only hindrance to smooth divorce proceedings is money and property.

A divorce settlement is an agreement that allows spouses to reach an understanding of separating their lives while considering child support, property division, and child custody. The smartest move is to hire a professional who will ease everyone's process without the complications of a typical legal process. A standard solution to soften the divorce is using practical and affordable divorce solutions in Alberta.

What is a separation agreement?

The family mediation in the Calgary agreement is useful for people who are not sure of the divorce choice. The agreement covers the following areas:

  • The spouse who pays for household bills, including rent and mortgage
  • The spouse who retains the family home
  • Action towards combined debt and overdrafts
  • Action towards combined investments, assets, and savings
  • Action towards shared property like furniture and cars
  • Childcare arrangements

What are the cons of a separation agreement?

Are you planning to make the separation permanent? Ideally, you understand both the perquisites and cons of the agreement before completing the dissolution. Expected benefits of Calgary divorce solutions include:

  • It is a less taxing way of agreeing to separate your lives through the legal standard.
  • The agreement frees you and your partner from the responsibility of meeting the other’s demands as per the old marriage agreement.
  • The clarity makes it easy for each to rebuild a life of happiness without a typical divorce process's bitterness.

Do you need legal services?

It is a good idea to involve Positive Solutions for legal advisory about the separation process. The main reasons to include our team are:

  • You need an expert to help you get into the right legal binding setting.
  • The agreement is likely to allow you full disclosure of every aspect of the separation when you include a neutral third party.

Most people find refuge in our office when they are under immense pressure from the spouse to sign divorce papers. Anyone with serious conflict around property sharing and child custody should talk to a separation expert who makes the process bearable for all candidates.

Enforcing the legal separation agreement

The agreement is legally enforceable by our team and other involved parties. The process is less formal than a typical divorce. However, the deal does not give one right to enter another civil partnership because the primary purpose is to free you from marriage obligations.

The agreement is not presentable in court as a formal divorce document. You can only use the papers in the event of a dispute that requires the court’s attention. We advise clients to note that the agreement is inapplicable if either one failed to make full disclosure of necessary details. It is also impossible to use the Calgary mediation and divorce solutions documents if one party was coerced to the agreement.

Do you want to learn more about the Calgary divorce settlement process? Contact the office via (888)779-8777 to speak to one of the mediation experts.

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